CIAMC Opens a Centre In CKT-UTAS For The May 2023 Professional Membership Qualifying Programme

The C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS) Branch of the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA) with the support of the Management of CKT-UTAS got the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CIAMC) to open a Centre on the CKT-UTAS campus for the May 2023 professional membership qualifying programme.

This was aimed at providing the opportunity for staff to acquire professional certificates while performing their duties. The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, Mr. Samuel Mawusi Asafo and Ms. Joyce Adabugah, an Assistant Registrar at CKT-UTASΒ  were instrumental in achieving this objective.

The CKT-UTAS Centre registered a total number of twenty-five (25) student members for the Chartered Professional Administrator (ChPA) qualifying programme. The total number comprises twenty-one (21) administrative staff (That is 18 senior members and 3 senior staff) of CKT-UTAS and four (4) staff of other public organisations/institutions.

The first module of the professional membership qualifying programme which covers a series of activities (such as lectures, presentations, discussions, quizzes, and assignments, among others) was held from 23rd May 2023 to 26th May 2023.

In the process of the intensive training on the first module, the facilitators, Mr. Samuel Mawusi Asafo and Prof. Wisdom Gagakuma in the company of Amatus Dinye, Alexander Akumbonu, and Elliot Akuna paid a courtesy call on the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot in his Office.

Both parties were impressed and satisfied with the arrangements and developments so far. They also expressed their readiness and willingness for future engagements and programmes. The parties were optimistic that the decision of staff to pursue and acquire professional qualifications and membership will improve their performance.

After the four-day intensive training on the first module, the participants were very excited about the cutting-edge knowledge, best practices, and hands-on experiences they acquired through a combination of interactive sessions (lectures, presentations, group discussions, roleplays, etc). All the participants acknowledged that the training for the professional membership and certification was beneficial to them and their job as administrators.

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