Staff Portal

Empower your academic and administrative responsibilities with our robust Staff Portal. Designed to cater to the unique needs of faculty members, administrators, and staff, the Staff Portal provides a centralized platform for efficient management of courses, student records, data, and more.

With role-based access policies,

  • the Staff Portal ensures that each user has tailored permissions based on their position, whether they are lecturers, deans, accountants, or other staff members.
  • This means you have control over the specific functions and data you can access, allowing for seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Within the Staff Portal, you can

  • effortlessly manage courses, upload and review student results, track attendance, and securely store and retrieve important academic and administrative information.
  • Stay organized with easy access to timetables, departmental resources, and relevant documentation.

To ensure the security of your staff Portal, we strongly recommend

  • using unique, complex passwords and
  • regularly updating them to protect sensitive information.

Safeguarding your login credentials and being vigilant against phishing attempts are essential practices to maintain the security of your Staff Portal account.