Strategic Mandate, Mission & Vision

Our Strategic Mandate

The strategic mandate of the University is to produce high calibre graduates capable of transforming society and fostering relationships through integrated technology and applied sciences. Our graduates are in effect expected to be agents of change by virtue of the quality of training provided by the University.

Our Vision

The vision of the university is to become one of the leading universities in technology and basic and applied sciences in the world.

Our Mission

The Mission of the university is to provide quality higher education, research, knowledge generation and dissemination with emphasis on basic and applied sciences and mathematics for the socio-economic development of Ghana and beyond

Our Core Values



The university believes in the quality of academic honesty and high moral standards


Stewardship of Resources

Staff and students together are expected to take good care of resources, be prudent and accountable with the management of same



The university is committed to the use of original ideas in the creation of new things.



To facilitate its mission of transforming society, the university will always provide new ideas and products.


Equity and Inclusiveness

The university grants equal opportunity for all with no one discriminated against as result of gender or disability



In all its dealings, the university will be outstanding, discharging its mission with distinction