Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes (4-Years)
1.      B.Sc. in Actuarial Science
2.      B.Sc. in Mathematics
3.      B.Sc. in Statistics
4.      B.Sc. in Mathematics-With-Economics
5.      B.Sc. in Mathematics-With-Finance
6.      B.Sc. in Applied Physics
7.      B.Sc. in Geological Science
8.      B.Sc. in Geophysics
9.      B.Sc. in Medical Physics
10.   B.Sc. in Industrial Physics
11.   B.Sc. in Environmental Science
12.   B.Sc. in Applied Biology
13.   B.Sc. in Environment and Sustainable Development
14.   B.Ed. in Mathematics
15.   B.Ed. in Science
16.   B.Sc. in Computer Science
17.   B.Sc. in Data Science
18.   B.Sc. in Computing-With-Accounting
19.   B.Sc. in Information Technology
20.   B.Sc. in Cyber Security
21.   B.Sc. in Information Systems
22.   B.Sc. in Network Science
23.   B.Sc. in Software Engineering
24.   B.Sc. in Biochemistry
25.   B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry
26.   B.Sc. in Forensic Science
27.   B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry
28.   B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Technology
29.   Bachelor of Public Health In Disease Control
30.   Bachelor of Public Health In Health Promotion
31.   B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science
32.   B.Sc. in Nursing
33.   B.Sc. in Paediatric Nursing
34.   B.Sc. in Midwifery