SRC Constitution

Welcome to the CKT-UTAS Student Representative Council (SRC) Constitution! The SRC Constitution serves as the guiding framework that governs the structure, functions, and responsibilities of the Student Representative Council at our esteemed institution.

The purpose of the SRC Constitution is to establish a transparent, democratic, and accountable system for student representation and governance within CKT-UTAS.

It serves as a document that outlines the rights, roles, and responsibilities of the SRC members, as well as the processes for decision-making and engagement with the student body.

Major Chapters in the Constitution

Chapter 1: The Constitution

Chapter 2: The Structure and Functions of the SRC

Chapter 3: Representation of The People

Chapter 4: Executive Council

Chapter 5: Composition and Functions of The Executive Committee

Chapter 6: Other Executive Officers

Chapter 7: The Parliamentary Council

Chapter 8: The Judicial Council

Chapter 9: Standing Committees Of SRC

Chapter 10: NUGS Secretariate

Chapter 11: The Women’s Commission

Chapter 12: Finance

Chapter 13: Code of Conduct for the SRC

Chapter 14: Resignation and Removal

Chapter 15: Adoption, Amendment and Revision

Chapter 16: Miscellaneous