Student ID Cards

Your student ID card is more than just an identification document β€” it is your gateway to various campus services, resources, and privileges.

Be sure to visit the designated office to have your photo taken and receive your official student ID card.

NB: Notice will be given for photo taking and ID processing, Monitor Notice Boards, Online Platforms and Website for these info.

Student ID Cards – Points to Note


  • Your student ID card serves as official identification within the university.
  • It provides proof of your student status and is required for various activities, such as accessing campus facilities, borrowing library materials, attending events, and participating in examinations.

Campus Services

  • Your student ID card grants you access to a wide range of campus services.
  • It may be used to access buildings, computer labs, sports facilities, and other areas that require authentication.
  • It also allows you to avail yourself of various student discounts and benefits from partnering businesses and organizations.

Library Privileges

  • Your student ID card is essential for borrowing books, accessing online resources, and utilizing library services.
  • It enables you to explore a vast collection of academic materials and research tools crucial for your studies.
Replacing Lost Student ID Cards

In the unfortunate event of losing your student ID card, it is important to promptly report the loss and arrange for a replacement. Please note that there may be a fee associated with card replacement to cover administrative costs and card production.

The process for replacing a lost student ID card typically involves:

  1. Reporting the Loss: Notify the designated office or department responsible for student ID cards immediately after realizing that your card is lost. They will guide you on the necessary steps to proceed.
  1. Payment of Replacement Fee: As mentioned earlier, there may be a replacement fee to cover the cost of producing a new student ID card. The payment process will be communicated to you by the responsible office or department.
  1. Verification and Reissuance: Once the replacement fee has been paid, the office or department will verify your identity and issue you a new student ID card. They may require additional identification documents or photographs to complete the process.

Remember, it is important to keep your student ID card safe and secure. Treat it as you would any valuable possession and ensure that you carry it with you whenever required on campus.