Congratulations on joining our vibrant and dynamic community at CKT-UTAS! We are thrilled to have you as part of our diverse student body.

Student Orientation is an exciting opportunity for you to get acquainted with our campus, fellow students, and the resources available to support your academic and personal success.

A glimpse of what to expect during your orientation experience:

1. Discover the Campus:

Orientation is your chance to explore our beautiful campus and familiarize yourself with its various facilities and resources.

Take part in campus tours led by friendly guides who will introduce you to key locations, including academic buildings, libraries, student centres, recreational areas, and more. Get a head start on navigating the campus and feel at home in your new environment.

2. Meet Your Peers:

Orientation offers an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow students who are embarking on the same exciting journey as you. Engage in ice-breaking activities, group discussions, and team-building exercises to foster new friendships and build a support network.

Take advantage of this time to exchange experiences, share aspirations, and form bonds that will enrich your university experience.

3. Learn about University Resources:

During orientation, you will be introduced to the array of resources and support services available to help you succeed academically and personally.

From academic advisors and library services to career counselling and student organizations, our university provides a wealth of resources to enhance your learning journey and personal development. Discover how to access and utilize these resources to maximize your potential.

4. Academic Insights:

Orientation provides valuable insights into academic expectations, course registration procedures, and curriculum requirements. You will have the opportunity to meet with faculty members and academic advisors who will guide you through your academic journey.

Gain a deeper understanding of the programmes and courses offered, and explore the various academic opportunities that await you.

5. Embrace the University Culture:

Immerse yourself in the rich university culture during orientation. Engage in cultural activities, workshops, and performances that highlight the diversity and inclusivity of our community.

Learn about traditions, events, and clubs that reflect our vibrant campus life. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and unity that defines our university, and be ready to create lasting memories.

6. Get Involved:

Orientation is the perfect time to explore the wide range of student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities available to you.

Discover your passions, join clubs of interest, and find opportunities to contribute to the community through volunteering and leadership roles.

Getting involved will enhance your university experience, foster personal growth, and help you develop valuable skills outside the classroom.

Orientation Schedule: