CKT-UTAS Graduation Ceremony 2023: A Celebration Of Achievements And A Vision For The Future.

On a momentous day, the C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS) Navrongo radiated with anticipation and pride as it hosted its Second Graduation Ceremony on the 24th of June 2023.

The esteemed event was graced by several dignitaries and distinguished guests, the Universityโ€™s Council, Members of Convocation, the Director General of Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), Prof. Mohammed Salifu (Special Guest of Honour), the Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice-Chancellors and Registrars of sister institutions, the Current and Past MCEs of Kasena/Nankana Municipal, Paramount Chiefs from the Traditional Areas, and the Bishop of Navrongo/Bolgatanga Diocese, among others.

The Second Graduation Ceremony marked a significant milestone for CKT-UTAS, with a total of 351 graduating students donning their graduation gowns. Among them were 134 graduate students and 217 undergraduate students, showcasing the diverse academic prowess of the University. Notably, the Ceremony also celebrated the first batch of 5 PhD graduates from the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), representing a remarkable achievement for the Institution.

The atmosphere was captivating as the valedictorian, Mr. Ugochukwu Franklin Owagu, took the stage. Graduating with First Class Honours in BSc. Information Technology from the School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS), he expressed his gratitude for the invaluable experiences, lessons, and opportunities he had gained during his time at CKT-UTAS.

However, he also shed light on the challenges posed by certain infrastructure shortcomings on campus. Mr. Owagu passionately appealed for support from Government and Management to increase the staff population to enhance the overall campus experience for students.

In his address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eric Magnus Wilmot, acknowledged and outlined the various challenges faced by the university. These challenges included inadequate staffing, insufficient laboratories, a housing deficit for students, and inadequate office spaces and lecture halls. Despite these obstacles, Prof. Wilmot highlighted some remarkable achievements CKT-UTAS had accomplished.

These achievements encompassed partnerships with the Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists, Solar Taxi Limited, and Friends Eye Clinic. He also highlighted the University’s Fee-Free Application System for prospective students, staff development initiatives, the MR Eazi and Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship schemes, the upgrade of the University Clinic to a Polyclinic, the implementation of solar lighting on campus, and efforts made to document lands donated by Eminent Chiefs in the Traditional Area.

Additionally, he proudly mentioned the grants won by some members of staff, a GHS314,105 comprising of Grow, Treat, Harvest (GTH) Project and Price, Peers, Perception Project, TTR Project worth $149,472, WACCBIP-CKT-UTAS Project worth $90,016 and Living with the Wild worth ยฃ80,000. Prof. Wilmot expressed his gratitude to the dedicated staff for their untiring commitment and hard work in the face of challenging circumstances.

Looking to the future, Prof. Wilmot emphasized his vision for improving access to quality education and enhancing service delivery within the University. He encouraged the Graduating Students to leverage their cutting-edge academic training and problem-solving skills to make a positive difference in their respective fields and to become exemplary ambassadors of CKT-UTAS.

The Special Guest of Honour, Prof. Mohammed Salifu commended CKT-UTAS for implementing an application-free system for prospective students and encouraged other universities to adopt similar approaches. He was excited about the initiative of the University in the use of the QR Code application to provide soft copies of the Programmeโ€™s Brochures and the Vice-Chancellors’ Report to students, staff and guests.

He acknowledged the University\’s unwavering commitment to its mandate of training students in technology and applied sciences and commended the institution for its dedication. Prof. Salifu reiterated GTEC’s support in the accreditation process. He further admonished institutions adverting unaccredited programmes to desist from it.

Media houses found culpable of advertising such programmes would face sanctions, he added. He revealed that an award of a 400-bed capacity student hall of residence for the University was being finalised by the Government to augment the existing ones. He also encouraged the staff to exhaust internal grievance mechanisms before seeking external solutions.

The Second Graduation Ceremony of CKT-UTAS served as a testament to the remarkable achievements and aspirations of the University.

With a steadfast focus on excellence, innovation, and a shared commitment to progress, CKT-UTAS aims to continue shaping the future by empowering its graduates to make a lasting impact in their chosen fields and beyond as lies in the Motto, โ€œCreativity, Innovation, Transformationโ€.

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