Members of GAUA CKT-UTAS Graduated and Inducted into CIAMC as Chartered Professional Administrators (ChPA)


GAUA CKT-UTAS celebrated the graduation and induction of 18 individuals into the prestigious Chartered Professional Administrators body organised by the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultant (CIAMC) Ghana CKT-UTAS Centre for the May 2023 intake. Out of the numbers, 12 were GAUA members, 2 SSA members and 4 members from the District Assembly took part in the programme.

The event, held on 25th November 2023, at the Conference Hall of the Ghana Tertiary Commission in Accra (GTEC), marked the culmination of seven (7) months of intensive training in the first module of the licentiate programme.

The 22nd Graduation/Induction Ceremony and 46th National Mandatory Continuing Professional Education (MCPE) showcased the theme “Reshaping Education: Aligning Assessment with Curriculum and Delivery, and the Role of Professionals in Reshaping the Process of Education.” This theme underscored the importance of aligning educational practices with evolving needs and the pivotal role that professionals play in this reshaping process.

The ceremony hosted eminent personalities who lent their wisdom to the proceedings, EHUNABOBRIM PRAH AGYENSAIM VI, FCMC, FChPA CEO, Industrial and Engineering Services Limited was the Chairperson for the occasion. DR. DANIEL BAFFOUR-AWUAH, the Executive Director of Workforce Development International, Accra, guided the graduates through the nuances of their newfound professionalism.


His wealth of experience positioned him as an invaluable resource, providing insights beyond theoretical realms. Adding an academic touch to the occasion was PROF. MRS. RITA AKOSUA DICKSON, the Vice-Chancellor of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, graced the ceremony as the Special Guest of Honour. Her presence underscored the symbiotic relationship between academia and professional practice.

The induction into the Chartered Professional Administrators body marked the formal recognition of each member’s dedication and competence. The theme of reshaping education echoed in the minds of the graduates as they stepped into a future where they would play pivotal roles in aligning assessment practices with curriculum and delivery.

Their journey had just begun, and the impact of these 18 professionals (who are designated and decorated with the impeccable initials of ChPA)on the education landscape was destined to be profound.

Congratulations to all the CKT-UTAS Chartered Professional Administrators!!!


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