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Empowering Women’s Health: Shining a Light on Cervical Cancer Screening

The SRC Womenโ€™s Commission in Collaboration with Navro Hall, teamed up for a special health talk on the 28th of July 2023. The event was held at the Universityโ€™s Polyclinic and had One Hundred Three (103) ladies in attendance.

The purpose of the health talk was to create awareness on Cervical Cancer, and also, offer free screening to the young women in our University Community.

Miss Tuuro, the Womenโ€™s Commission President, spoke on the importance of Cervical Cancer awareness and advised participants to always prioritize their health.

She urged everyone to spread the word about Cervical Cancer Prevention and inspired 67 ladies to get screened.

Gynaecology experts Mary Asingmah and Patience Akologo taught the ladies about the dangers of Cervical Cancer, its symptoms and most importantly, the screening methods available. Sophia Bewone, also a gynaecologist, spoke on the myths associated with Cervical Cancer and encouraged the ladies to feel comfortable when talking about their health issues with health Professionals.

The SRC Womenโ€™s Commissioner reiterated the fact that the event was not just about Cervical Cancer awareness or providing free screening, it was about empowering womenโ€™s health and making a difference in the University Community.

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