Mode of Teaching

Following the suspension of face-to-face lectures and the subsequent adoption of an online mode of teaching, all Academic Staff who will require training to be able to teach virtually is encouraged to write to the Head of ICT ([email protected]), so that such training exercise could be organized for them.

Furthermore, all Teaching Staff are advised to resort to the use of the under-listed methods in teaching their students:

  • Use of Zoom and/or Google Meet for lectures
  • Drop course materials and task/assignments using Google Classroom’s dropbox facility
  • Encourage students to submit their assignments and issues for you to address at the Google Classroom
  • Addition of PowerPoint with audio narrations embedded to Google Classroom materials
  • Short video clips of aspects of the lectures that involve demonstration calculation, explanation on complex theories/topics, etc to be added to materials in the Google Classroom.


The online assessment of students should conform to the following as discussed last Academic Board meeting held on February 3, 2021.

  1. Attendance and Participation (one unexcused absenteeism)                                          10 marks
  2. Reaction Papers or Take-Home Assignments (two minimum)                                       20 marks
  3. Online or In-Class Quizzes (two minimum)                                                                        20 marks
  4. Lab-based Practical Work/Mid-semester Exams for non-lab-based courses              20 marks
  5. End-of-Semester Exams or Term Papers                                                                             30 marks



Cc: Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dean – FMS/FEES/FAS/SCIS, Dean of Student Affairs, HoDs, SRC

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