Mr. Eazi Scholarship Fund supports 282 Students, aims to support 1000 students

Oluwatosin Ajibade, also known as Mr. Eazi, has fulfilled his pledge to provide educational grants to deserving students at C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS) in Navrongo, Ghana, supporting 282 students in the first year.
CKT-UTAS’s registrar, Dr. V.A. Ankamah-Lomotey (Ph.D.), confirmed the news in a letter, expressing gratitude for Mr. Eazi\’s commitment to promoting higher education and improving the economic situation in the region.
Mr. Eazi has reiterated his goal of sponsoring 1,000 students through higher education, viewing it as a critical factor in regional transformation and upward economic and social mobility. His philanthropy has made a significant difference to the beneficiaries, providing inspiration to invest in education and create opportunities for future generations.


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