School of Environment and Life Sciences Triumphs in Inter-School Debate Organized by CKT-UTAS SRC

The Academic Board of the Studentโ€™s Representative Council (SRC), organised an inter-school debate that proved to be a highlight, showcasing the intellectual prowess and oratory skills of participating schools.

The highly competitive event on the theme, โ€œImpact of AI in our modern educationโ€, brought together students from various schools in the University, each vying for the prestigious title.

The School of Environment and Life Sciences emerged victorious, with its team comprising Ms. Mary Sotitey Amoatemaa, Ms. Christabel Phebe Seyram Fiador, Ms. Nang Suzana Yinmonge-on, and Mr. Lampson Dakare.

The significance of this achievement was underscored by the award being presented to the Dean of the School of Environment and Life Sciences, Ing. Prof. Boateng Ampadu.

This gesture not only acknowledged the individual accomplishments of the students but also celebrated the collective success of the entire school community.

The victory of the School in the inter-school debate is a source of pride for the institution, highlighting its commitment to fostering academic and extracurricular achievements.

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