WiSTEM CKT-UTAS Chapter Celebrates UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the 11th of February 2024, the CKT-UTAS Chapter of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (WiSTEM) Ghana commemorated the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a collaborative programme alongside the STEM coordinating Unit of Bolgatanga East District Education Service, Ghana Education Service.

This event served as a platform to highlight the contributions of women in science and inspire the next generation of female scientists.

As part of the activities to mark this significant day, WiSTEM CKT-UTAS members embarked on a series of impactful engagements. On Friday, 9th February 2024, they conducted presentations for approximately 80 pupils from 10 schools within the district.

These presentations were tailored to address different aspects of the theme, β€œProviding Valuable Insights and Fostering Dialogue”.

Dr. Margaret W. Kukeba led a discussion on “Careers in STEM,” shedding light on the diverse and rewarding paths available in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Dr. Grace A. Motey followed with a presentation titled “Women Achievers in STEM,” highlighting the remarkable achievements of female trailblazers in various scientific disciplines.

Dr. Millicent Captain-Esoah tackled “Challenges and Barriers Faced by Women and Girls in STEM,” addressing systemic obstacles and advocating for greater inclusivity and gender equality in STEM fields. Lastly, Dr. Eunice Essel delved into the “Self-Discovery: Knowing Yourself” theme, empowering young girls to embrace their strengths and pursue their passions fearlessly.

The ensuing interactive session allowed the girls to actively engage with WiSTEM CKT-UTAS members, posing thought-provoking questions and exchanging perspectives. This exchange enriched the learning experience and fostered a sense of camaraderie and inspiration among attendees.

The celebration of the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science by the WiSTEM CKT-UTAS Chapter underscored the importance of promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in scientific endeavours.

This will be carried out by providing mentorship, guidance, and a platform for dialogue, the chapter aims to cultivate a future where women and girls are empowered to thrive in STEM fields and contribute meaningfully to scientific innovation and progress.

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