GAUA CKT-UTAS Celebrates End of Year Dinner with Honors and Appreciation


As the year draws to a close, GAUA CKT-UTAS, gathered its members for an evening of reflection and celebration at the Atula Hotel in Bolgatanga.

The end-of-year dinner not only provided an opportunity for members to come together but also served as a platform to honour two (2) of its members who had dedicated their time and expertise to the union.

The first to be honoured was Mr. Suuk Laar, who was recognised for his exceptional contributions to GAUA and CKT-UTAS during his tenure as Head of the Director of Human Resources. The union expressed gratitude to him for his unwavering dedication, commitment, and professionalism during the discharge of his duties.

Mr. Laar’s service had left an indelible mark on the Association and his retirement was marked with a heartfelt tribute. In acknowledgement of his outstanding service, Mr. Laar was presented with a well-deserved citation, highlighting the milestones achieved during his tenure. Additionally, a thoughtful parting gift was offered as a token of appreciation for his years of service to GAUA CKT-UTAS.

The second individual to be honoured that night was Dr. Bernard Kissi-Abrokwah, who was celebrated for his dedicated service to GAUA as an executive, specifically in the role of Editor. Dr. Kissi-Abrokwah’s transition to the academic side marked a new chapter on his professional journey, and the union took this occasion to express gratitude for his significant contributions.

The dinner provided an opportunity for colleagues to interact, reminisce about the year gone by, and forge strong bonds within the Association. The evening was not only a celebration of achievements but also a testament to the sense of community that defined the GAUA CKT-UTAS.

It served as a reminder of the importance of recognising and appreciating the efforts of individuals whose dedication contributes to the growth and success of the Association.

As the year ends, GAUA CKT-UTAS looks forward to a future filled with continued collaboration, shared achievements, and the collective spirit that makes the Association a thriving community of professionals dedicated to improving higher education administration in the University.

The end-of-year dinner served as a fitting conclusion to 2023, a year marked by accomplishments, gratitude, and the promise of a brighter future for GAUA CKT-UTAS.

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